Full Arch Reconstruction

Dr. Steinberg and Dr. Nick specialize in Full Arch Reconstruction. Called by a number of names such as “All-On-4” or “Teeth in a Day”;  full arch reconstruction is a procedure where at least 4 implants are placed in the arch (the upper or lower jaw) and a prosthesis is fixated to the implants to aid in a beautiful smile and allow appropriate chewing function. What sets us apart from corporate clinics such at Eon or Clear Choice, is our desire to customize individual treatment. We place additional implants to have an All on 4 – 6 or even more depending on your specific needs.  We have an unparalleled ability to graft additional bone and or tissue, and take advantage of your own native bone with multiple types and brands of implants. For patients that have been denied from other practices due to lack of bone, this situation can be improved. Dr. Steinberg and Dr. Nick have completed many cases after successful bony arch reconstruction. Please see our bone grafting page and our Zygomatic Implants page to see the different options that we will consider for your surgery.

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Diagnosis is an important step and we take the time to help determine the right type of prosthesis for you. For Full Arch Reconstruction there are typically several types ranging from: full dentures, clipped in but removable prosthesis, full fixed arches (All on 4-6), and lastly implant supported bridge for the right patients. Determining what type of prosthesis is the best for individual patients is our first and foremost goal.

Once the prosthesis is selected, we work with high-end prosthodontists, general dentists, and dental labs to deliver an appropriate temporary prosthesis on the day of surgery. This is what some call “Teeth in a Day”. Surgery is typically completed in our office with Dr. Steinberg and Dr. Nick providing deep IV sedation when possible. A provisional (temporary) prosthesis is placed the same day as the initial surgery. The final prosthesis is typically delivered ranging from 3-6 months after surgery. We have completed all types of Full Arch Reconstruction secondary to failure of teeth, facial trauma and congenital defects; Dr. Steinberg and Dr. Nick are committed to treating each specific patient with the highest level of care.